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in Mainz

We are happy to welcome Manorama back in Mainz!

You have probably heard Sybille quote her during a class, attended in 2019, or met her in the world wide web: Manorama will share her deep wisdom in a two-days-workshop: 

Saturday, Feb. 25 "Ancient meets Modern: the Yogasutra & the Golden Keys to Life"

Sunday Feb. 26 "Nada Yoga and the Mysterious Realm of Inner Sound"

Both classes will be held in English, translated simultaneously on demand. This will be Manorama's only classes in Germany/Europe until May - so catch her, if you can! It is a second-to-none experience and will support your yogic practice immensely.



Find Manorama on or on Instagram @manorama9.

If you have questions concerning the workshop please email to Sybille sybille(at)


08:00-09:30h Asana mit Sybille

10:00-12:00h Manorama

12:00-14:00h Lunch Break

14:00-16:00h Manorama

Workshop Costs

189,00 Euro (both days)

Please book via Eversports



About Manorama

"As a teacher of Sanskrit, yoga philosophy and meditation for over 25 years my mission is grounded in blending modern life with ancient yogic wisdom.

I make Sanskrit, Meditation and Yoga Philosophy accessible, approachable, and fun, while honoring the richness of its vast tradition.

My formative studies in the tradition began as an immersive study with my Guru, Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati, in Sanskrit, Meditation and Yoga philosophy. Later, I continued my work in Sanskrit at Columbia University with the esteemed Dr. Ram Karan Sharma. The combination of these uniquely vibrant experiences honed my understanding of the Sanskrit language and gave me the confidence to delve deeper into how Sanskrit relates with the primary principles of Yoga, as well as to explore its connection with modern life."


Ancient meets Modern: The Yogasutra & the golden keys to life

Sage Patanjali communicated yogic wisdom in a coded format… called sutra. 

And the thing ya gotta know right at the gate is: sutras are all about the brevity - - 

think slim, minimal, concise. 

In the sutra game the question is, how to express it with the biggest impact and the least amount of effort?

In his illumined consciousness, Patanjali broke through synthesizing the keys to life and beyond. In his kindness, he compiled all that he grasped and then left these cosmic bread crumbs for us to treasure hunt and ultimately explore in our own consciousness. 


Immerse in it and you’ll find yourself knee deep in ancient yogic wisdom where the golden keys of life are found. (The kind that when you know them, they change you).

During our time together, we’ll get traditional 

Close your eyes and imagine our time together as ancient yogic wisdom meets modern you!

It’s gonna flow like this: there’ll be chanting, learning, studying [select sutras], reading, laughing, fighting (sure, ya gotta battle with the teachings sometimes too) and contemplating together.

No doubt questions will arise and I’ll bring my wise, integrated synthesis around sutras and your life questions.

I need you to come open, sincere, ready to focus, so you can gather all the goodies and let them flourish in your own life. 

Think of our workshop more like, story-time meets ancient chanting, meets intensive study, meets cool and interesting. 

See you there!


PS the sutras we’ll work with will be a selection chosen from Chapter 1 

PPS bring a notebook, a pen/ pencil and some positive vibes


©2022 Luminous Shabda Inc, Sanskrit Studies & Manorama


Nada Yoga and the mysterious Realm of Inner Sound

There is a vibrant sound hidden within you that holds the keys to unlock yogic wisdom. Accessing this inner sound illumines your consciousness, your mind and heart, and gives you grounding in Yoga Philosophy, Meditation and Life. 


Nada is something most modern yogis have heard of but few actually understand. 

It’s like they’ve heard it, but either haven’t pursued it or never properly learn how to access it and what to do when the natural challenges in practice around it show up. 


So, here’s the thing, in this course that’s what we’re gonna do. I’ll show you  the Yoga of Sound, how to work  it, and all the in between. Plus, we’re gonna chant select mantras and practice meditation.


Music connects us to ourselves in different ways, sometimes we feel energized by sounds, calmed, or soothed, sometimes we feel kindred with it. What to say of an inner  sound one the carries the essence of you in its expression.


Take the leap, spend four hours together as we spend time exploring Nada Yoga where you’ll learn what the Yoga of Sound actually is along with Luminous Soul Practices to approach it. 

* Dig into the subject of Nada Yoga

* Chant select mantras

* Be guided in a Nada Yoga Meditation
* Practice listening to the inner sound within 

* Catch the surf to your inner OM
* Learn about  and its connection with  
* Ask the big, small and all the in between questions about the inner sound 

* Approach the subject with depth, sincerity and humor.

Nada Yoga
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